Text messaging (SMS/MMS)

Text messaging, or texting, is the act of composing and sending electronic messages, typically consisting of alphabetic and numeric characters, between two or more users.

There are 3 primary methods of text messaging with the TELAIR network via:

  1. EmailSMS / MMS
  2. Mobile (iOS/Android) – SMS Only
  3. Connect AppSMS Only
  4. Mobile Messaging ProxySMS Only

Phone numbers assigned are not enabled for text messaging by default. To enable messaging for each phone number you wish to activate please contact TELAIR support. Text messaging via the Email method is the preferred choice.


There are several limitations with text messaging, and it is important to understand these before selecting the best method for your use case:

  • MMS sending & receiving is only available via the Email method.
  • Incoming text messages may be missed when using Mobile or Desktop application if the app is not running and active.
    Much like a phone call, if the application is offline, incoming text messages will not notify anyone in real-time and only be available via the user log.
  • Text messaging can only be used for P2P use cases only and is not intended for automated (A2P) sending or marketing campaigns.
  • Sending & receiving text messages can only be enabled with one method at a time.
    (For example. If email method is selected, text messaging via mobile or connect app will be unavailable)