How to: Send & receive text messages via email (SMS/MMS)

System: Titan & Triton series PBX’s

Sending a text message by email

ℹ If you received a text message to your email address, simply reply to respond. 

To send a text message (SMS/MMS) by email once your user extension has been authorized to send:
Note: See below for permissions

  1. Open your email application.
  2. Create a new email.
  3. In the To: field, enter: msg+18005554444@<system-series-name>
    • Replace 18005554444 with the phone number you wish to message from.
    • Please include the country code of the number you are faxing from.
  4. In the Subject: field, enter the phone number you wish to send a message to: 14165554444
  5. Remove any additional attachments or signatures that may include images as they will be attached to your text message.

Receiving a text message by email

Once your extension / phone number has been enabled to send / receive text messages, there is nothing else to do. Text messages will be delivered to the email linked to your voicemail service and assigned direct phone number (DID).

ℹ You may reply to the email to send a text message back to the number that sent to you keeping in-line with a natural conversation.

In some cases, text messages that are sent to groups will appear with multiple phone numbers in the subject line. This is normal. You may replay to all in the group (max 10 recipients) or you can chose to reply to only one.

Setting text messaging permissions

To activate text messaging to email, you require a valid email address associated to your voicemail service and an assigned direct phone number (DID).

ℹ If you are unsure if messaging is enabled on your phone number, you can send a text message to your number. If no notification is received by email, and you have checked your junk folder, then you may contact support to activate or via your PBX admin.

While TELAIR offers multiple methods of sending & received SMS / MMS messages,
1. Email
2. TELAIR Connect Desktop App
3. GS Wave Mobile App
Only one method is allowed at any given time. By default Email is activated upon request. To switch between methods, please contact TELAIR Support.

Note: The above expect the user extension to be configured with a valid email address for the fax sender.