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The platform that scales and adapts as our 🌎 does

Your business is not a 'one-size-fits-all' model! Your phone system should be flexible and enable your business to grow and adapt when you need it to!

Cloud Native

Built from the group up, literally, cloud based & lightweight, our platform is built for next-generation communication.

True Flexibility

Tailor your phone system exactly how you want, dont be limited to 'in the box' features! Stand out and build the tools your business needs!

Part of your Team

We're not just a help desk, we're part of your team! Access to experts who like to advise not just support without added costs!

The phone system you've been looking for

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From the very first login, your TELAIR dashboard puts the most powerfull communication tools right at your fingertips! Easiliy find what your looking for with helpful tooltip suggestions.


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Calendar plugin included and beautified

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These amazing stats can be wrong, businesses trust TELAIR to power their phone services


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We've been Telair customers for about 3 years now and the service has been rock-solid. With the company we worked with before, the phone line used be crackly and staticky, and the IVR menu didn't work half the time. It was embarrassing! With Telair, things changed and I'm happy to say their service just works. If you're a small business like us, it pays to work with a local service provider you can call anytime for support. They're friendly too.

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Built for Business

Since the early 2000's TELAIR has been providing managed PBX services for businesses. Not only has technology changed drastically, it will continue to evolve. TELAIR has been part of the SIPSTACK project since 2016, that is a future-proofed Unified Communications Platform as a Service (UCaaS). Build ultra light weight, and designed to truly scale and adapt as technology does. TELAIR PBX's are truely next generation built unlike any other service offering.

Designed for Partners

Our partners are the heart and foundation of our growth and is fundemental to our future. While TELAIR has played an instrumental role in the SIPSTACK Platform, it too continues to evolve as open-source allowing resellers to turn-key brandable VoIP solutions with a few clicks. While the platform is truley amazing and allows partners to bring their own trunks, many resellers, MSP's & ITSP's rather a true one-stop-shop to not only host and manage the infrastructure, but also serve DID's (phone numbers), termination and origination.

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