Canada’s leading provider of IP phone lines & systems

TELAIR intelligently unifies and manages businesses’ and professionals’ communications system. With our easy-to-use online control center, it provides businesses with a single portal that connects communications such as phone, fax and email. We are the first in Canada to develop a virtual phone system specifically designed for small businesses and mobile professionals.

Telair provides small businesses the communications solutions that they need to be able to compete with the large corporations in their industry. By combining a single local or toll free number with advanced call management tools, PBX, Internet fax and voicemail, Telair is able to provide customers with what they need for an efficient communications system. Users can easily set up multiple extensions and answering rules, send and receive faxes, take voicemail’s as well as receive email message alerts. With Telair, businesses are more secure about their communications. They will never miss important calls or spend time and money on unwanted calls.


We are the experts at providing a complete, modern telephone solution for New Start up’s, Small to Medium and Enterprise businesses. Whatever your business may be, Telair can help you get the most out of a telephone system.


Financial Benefit

Startup or new hardware costs can be very expensive. With Telair startup costs are up to 90% less then the competitor. Monthly service included every feature and long distance for one fixed rate already priced up to 65% less than the other guys.


Easy Delivery

Hardware is shipped directly to you with everything you need to get started. All phones are plug and play ready. For phone systems, simply log onto the manager portal and begin customizing your phone system from our pre-design template.


How it works

With Telair, you connect your telephone to your high speed Internet connection using an analog telephone adaptor or directly using another Internet phone. You can be up and running in minutes.


No Contracts

Absolutely no contracts or long term commitments required when you sign up with Telair. You can cancel some or all your services at anytime without the worry of any penalty or fees. Enjoy Flexible freedom for your business and only pay for what you need.