How to: Send & receive text messages with Mobile Messaging Proxy (using any mobile device/app)

System: Titan & Triton series PBX’s


Mobile Messaging Proxy is a feature that enables a TELAIR phone number to intelligently forward all incoming text messages to another mobile phone number, such as a personal mobile device. The feature also allows outbound text messaging from a personal mobile device to be delivered through a TELAIR phone number using special sending instructions in the steps below.

Further description:
When receiving a Mobile Messaging Proxy message to a personal mobile device sent to a TELAIR phone number, the message body will appear with the original sender’s phone number before the message.

Example message send to a TELAIR phone number:

Hello, this is an example text message sent to a TELAIR phone number that has Mobile Messaging Proxy feature enabled.

Example message received on a personal phone number / device:

+14164772004: Hello, this is an example text message sent to a TELAIR phone number that has Mobile Messaging Proxy feature enabled.

Notice the additional phone number before the message body, this indicates who the text message was sent from. Your mobile device will always send messages from your TELAIR phone number. You can maintain several conversations to multiple phone numbers from your personal mobile device from within the same thread. Think of each conversation thread on your mobile device with your TELAIR phone number as access to incoming/outgoing message of any other party indicated by the phone number at the beginning of each message.

Sending a text message

To send a text message (SMS Only) via the Mobile Messaging Proxy (method must be enabled):

  1. Open your text messaging app on your mobile device.
  2. Press the ‘New Message’ icon to create a new message (or find an existing thread, skip to #4).
  3. Enter your TELAIR phone number with Mobile Messaging Proxy feature enabled as the contact you are sending the text message to.
  4. Enter the actual recipient phone number in the message content portion at the start of every message including +1 followed by a : (colon) separating phone number destination and message contents.
  5. Enter your message after the : (colon).
    Example: +14164772004: This is a test message to TELAIR.
Reminder: You are sending messages to your TELAIR phone number (not the actual recipient). Our systems will detect your mobile phone number as an authorized sender, and automatically remove the intended destination portion before the : (colon) in the message and send to that person through your TELAIR phone number and not from your personal device.

Receiving a text message

Messages received to your TELAIR phone number (SMS Only) will automatically be forwarded to the linked mobile number specified. Incoming text messages will always include the original senders phone number before the : (colon) part of a message.

To quickly respond to an incoming message, click and hold the phone number portion of a text message, and press copy from your mobile device, then paste the senders phone number into the new message portion of a message and make sure there is a : (colon) after the entered phone number you wish to send a message to. You may add any additional text message contents after the : (colon) to be sent through your TELAIR phone number.

ℹ Please note: MMS messages are not yet supported with the Mobile Messaging Proxy service. MMS messages received or sent will only provide the text portion when delivering messages.