What MMS content types does Telair support?

You can send text, audio, video, image and application content over Telair MMS. However, whether these messages are received depends on the carrier and device of the end user. 

The maximum size limit for a Telair MMS is 5 MB. 

A list of accepted media content types is provided below. While all the listed supported formats are accepted by Telair API, please note that content may be formatted or modified for delivery on destination devices.

Supported Image Formats: jpeg, gif, png, bmp

Supported Audio Formats: basic, L24, mp4, mpeg, pgg, vorbis, vnd.rn-realaudio, vnd.wave, 3gpp, ac3, vnd.wave, webm, amr-nb, amr

Supported Video Formats: mpeg, mp4, quicktime, webm, 3gpp, 3gpp2, 3gpp-tt, H261, H263, H263-1998, H263-2000, H264

Supported Text Formats: vcard, csv, rtf, richtext, calendar, directory

Supported Application Formats: pdf