Linksys / Sipura ATA (PAP2T + Compatible) Manual Configuration

Please use the following instructions to manually configure your Linksys / Sipura ATA modem for use on the Telair network.

Step-by-step guide

  1. The first step is to find out what IP Address your adapter is currently using. To do this, pick a phone connected on Line 1 and do the following:
    • Dial: **** (That is 4 asterisks)
      Once this is done, dial: 110# (110 followed by a square)The system should now playback the IP Address your device has been assigned.
  2. Using your favorite web browser from a computer on the same network, point the address to the IP address of your adapter.
    • (example Replace by the IP Address your device is currently using.
  3. You should now see the web interface of your Linksys/Sipura.
    • click on the link “Admin”, and once the page has reloaded, click again on the link “Advanced View”.
  4. Under the LINE 1 Tab, Find the following fields and fill them with the following information
    • Nat Keep Alive: Yes
      Nat Mapping/Traversal: Yes
      Proxy: <ask support for details>
      Register Expires: 180
      Proxy Fallback Intvl: 180
      Display Name: John Smith (Replace with your name or company name)
      User ID: 100000 (Replace with your Telair username)
      Password: ******** (Type in the account password)
  5.  Click on the “Save Settings ” button at the bottom of the form.