How do Trust Scores for A2P 10DLC in the US affect Message Throughput?

According to the new A2P 10DLC regulation in the US, your message throughput will now be determined by your Trust Score and your Campaign type.

Throughput overview

SMS message sending throughput is measured in Message Segments per Second (MPS). Each message segment consists of up to 160 GSM-7 encoded characters. An SMS with more characters and/or different character encoding can be comprised of multiple segments. 

What is a Trust Score and how is it determined?

The Campaign Registry (TRC) is a third party which administers the wireless carrier’s new registration system. TCR uses a reputation algorithm to assign your business a Trust Score. Your Trust Score level, (Low, Medium or High), combined with your Campaign Type will determine the message throughput allotted to your Campaign. The Trust Score is a representation of how trusted your business is, and determines your messaging throughput. The higher your Trust Score, the higher your messaging throughput (MPS). 

Obtaining a Trust Score is a mandatory step on all industry wide A2P 10DLC registrations.

Can I appeal the decision if I’m not satisfied with my Trust Score?

Yes, you can appeal TCR’s decision by submitting a request for additional review. This appeal entails a one-time fee of $40 USD. However, there is no guarantee that your Trust Score will increase as a result of the additional review.

How is throughput (MPS) allocated for A2P 10DLC? 

Under the new A2P 10DLC regulations, the number of MPS you can send for all of your registered Campaigns is capped. This MPS limit is shared across all US/Canada long code numbers allocated to your campaign, and all wireless carriers. Whether you choose to send messages over a single number to a specific carrier, or split up messages over a collection of local numbers to multiple carriers, the same MPS limit applies.

Do these rule changes affect MMS and Toll-Free Numbers?

No. Neither MMS nor Toll-Free SMS messaging throughput is currently affected by the new A2P 10DLC regulations. A US Toll-Free number has a total of 3 MPS toward all US and Canada carriers by default.

Is messaging to countries other than the United States affected?