Hot desking (login & logout)

What is Hot Desking in a VoIP Phone System?

Hot Desking makes it possible for workers in an office to share the same IP phone device while using their own extension number. User can sit at a hot desking enabled device and can log into and use the phone like their own, easily access voice mails, contacts, and other settings of their own extension. This is something like sharing a desk, however, the benefits of this telephony feature go beyond simply sharing an IP phone, it offers a new level of cost-savings and flexibility for companies.

How to Login

From your hot desking enabled device:

  1. Press Login speed-dial key or dial *43.
  2. Follow the voice prompts.
  3. Once confirmed, your phone will now ring when your extension is called.

How to Logout

From your hot desking enabled device:

  1. Press Logout speed-dial key or dial *44.
  2. Wait for the voice confirmation of successful logout.

How do I know if my device is “hot desking” enabled?

If your device first phone key is labelled Hotdesk ### (typically preceding the device actual extension), then your device is “hot desking” enabled.

To enable hot desking devices, please contact support.