Data Retention

Please read our Privacy Policy first, as this article outlines data retention per plan.

Storage retention refers to the maximum amount of time records or files are stored physically on the host within a given region specifically for:

  • Call Logs
  • Call Recordings
  • Voicemails
  • SMS / MMS messages
Data retention30 Days90 Days180 Days1 Year
Stored data automatically expires at the maximum interval threshold listed above. Some service date records can be removed on demand or be set to a retention period lower than the maximum level at account holder request.

Enterprise plan subscribers benefit from private, offsite, or on-premise dedicated hosts, which allow for data to be stored independently, within customer location or specific geographic location. The maximum data retention period cannot exceed the plans policy, however can be adjusted lower when required.

Transactional Email Retention

When certain services are using email to send and attach files, such as voicemail to email, fax to email, sms to email, etc… The content are transmitted to TELAIR’s transactional SMTP / Email relay over secure TLS connection. Emails are typically relayed instantly, however in some situations when the destination / recipient email server is unavailable, offline or otherwise unreachable, content within the emails will be temporarily stored on TELAIR’s transactional email servers for a maximum period of 7 days or earlier as soon as the email is able to be successfully re-delivered. Messages are re-attempted incrementally every 5 minutes. After 7 days, the undeliverable emails are purged from our servers, however the attempt log is preserved which only include the dates/time, sender and recipient of attempts and any delivery codes. Subject, body, or attached content are completely purged.

TELAIR has regional transactional Email SMTP relays in both Canada and United States of America. Emails originating from a host / source in a given region will relay only through a server within the same borders.
Ie. Hosts originating within Canada will only route emails through TELAIR’s Canadian SMTP relay.

TELAIR is not responsible for any retention policies for data that was emailed to any party. Please use caution when selecting email for notification on privacy centric services.

For more information you may contact our Privacy Department.