The phone company and the customer service maze

Ever experienced this: You call a phone company for support on an existing service or to inquire about a new feature and are presented with an auto attendant recording. Not just any auto attendant, one that lists 10 options with three sub menus.

All the options in some way relate to your inquiry but you push on. The science of their customer service call tree is such that you have to listen, TO ALL OF THE CHOICES. You have already hit 0, thinking to outwit the recorded selections and you will get to a human being, but you get punished for that, and the recording just starts all over again. So you buckle in and start the process again.

This time you hit 2, then 5 and finally 4 and now you get to input your phone number. Explain to me why they cannot tell what the caller id is and pull up your record? Let’s leave that one for the time being. Another choice, which one should you enter, mobile, home or business number? After all this you now have an agent, a live person success, I win. Is there a better feeling then actually getting a person and the phone company on the phone? But wait…….

The first question they ask, what is your phone number? You refuse to be defeated and provide the number with some animosity. Not wanting to be rude as you are now afraid of being put back into the call tree, you comply and provide the number. The security validation is next name, address and the amount on your last bill. Then when you think you have reached the pinnacle of the support call and can actually discuss your inquiry you are told, wrong department and the agent manually routes you to another human being in another department. Wow.No wonder these companies are making heaps of cash they do not want you to get a hold of them – just pay your bill.

At Telair Communications we provide customer support as follows;

  • A person from Canada will answer the phone.
  • We will perform a security validation and leverage caller id technology and complete your inquiry.
  • Additionally you can email us and we will respond immediately with a call back or email.


We understand our business customers are busy, and most of all are paying for a service and deserve real support.

I am sure like many people you have come to dread calling your phone company for support.