TELAIR Announces Exciting New Partnership with Acrobits: Simplifying Mobile Extensions Like Never Before


[Toronto, Oct 18, 2023] – TELAIR, a leading Canadian communication services provider, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Acrobits, the renowned developer behind the Cloud Softphone. This collaboration is set to redefine ease and efficiency for TELAIR’s customers who use mobile extensions.

The core of this collaboration rests on a seamless user experience. With the newly integrated capabilities, customers can now enjoy one-click provisioning directly from TELAIR’s management portals. Users will be greeted with QR codes, which, when scanned, will instantly activate their extensions—no convoluted configurations, no hassles.

One of the standout features of this integration is the inclusion of a push notification service in the Cloud Softphone app. This ensures that users never miss a call, even if the app is inactive or turned off. This feature not only augments user availability but also ensures uninterrupted communication, a testament to TELAIR’s commitment to its customer base.

“We are not just announcing a partnership; we are heralding a new era of streamlined communication. Our alliance with Acrobits is a reflection of our continuous drive to provide value to our customers. With these enhanced and managed capabilities, we’re taking a giant leap towards simplifying communications for our users.”

The mobile and desktop enhancements Acrobits brings to our service are part of broader improvements to the user experience.

Cloud Softphone mobile experience will be available on select TELAIR service plans in some regions.