Bill Payment Investigation Request

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Please read the related article before proceeded to open a Bill Payment Investigation.

To open a Bill Payment Investigation, please ensure the following:

  • You have already contacted your Financial Institution and requested a payment reversal.
  • You have noted the date you contacted your Financial Institution for a payment reversal.
  • You have noted the investigation reference provided to you by your Financial Institution.
  • It has been at least 12 weeks since contacting your Financial Institution for a payment reversal.
  • You have not already submitted a Bill Payment Investigation for a particular payment.
  • You have checked your financial records and payment reversal has not been received.

Please note: We do not accept escalation inquiries before 12 weeks of when payment reversal was requested to your bank to allow your Financial Institution the time to process the request. Any requests with payment dates within 12 weeks from todays date will be rejected. We appreciate your understanding. We accept Bill Payment Investigation submissions once per payment.

The date you requested a payment reversal / bill payment investigation with your Financial Institution.
Please provide the investigation reference provided by your Financial Institution.
Provide the 9 digit numerical ID of the account # you made payment to.
Provide the name of the company the payment was intended for (optional).
I agree that all the information provided in this form is accurate. I understand that any information provided incorrectly in this form could delay the Bill Payment Investigation process or be rejected completely. Please ensure you have collected all the required information above from your Financial Institution before submitting this request. Multiple submissions to this form for the same transaction / Bill Payment Investigation could delay the process or be rejected completely. For security reasons, I understand I there will not be any phone calls, text messages or emails sent to confirm or reject any request and all transmissions / correspondance will be sent directly through your Financial Institution based on the procedures they have put in place. I understand that any Bill Payment Investigation submissions from this form that are within 12 weeks from the date you requested a payment reversal from your bank will automatically be rejected to allow sufficient times for your Financial Institution to process your inital request, submit the claim to us, process our responses and reverse the original payment. I understand processing times can vary depending on the Financial Institution and time of year as backlogs occur. I understand that TELAIR's representatives are unable to verify my identity or my payment directly, and for security reasons, Bill Payment Investigations can only be made via the resources indicated on this page. I understand that TELAIR cannot make payment directly to me, and to comply with FINTRAC and Financial Institution procedures, payment reversals can only be performed by the Financial Institution.
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