Paid wrong payee by accident

When paying your bill online from your Bank / Institutions website, it is possible to make a mistake and send payment to the wrong company, in this particular case, to TELAIR.

If you have made a payment to TELAIR by accident, please contact your Financial Institution to open a Bill Payment Investigation Request with them to begin the reversal processes. Your bank may take up to 8 weeks to send us the investigation request, and up to another 4 weeks to process our response.

If a payment reversal has not been received after 12 weeks from requesting a Bill Payment Investigration Request from your Financial Institution, you may escalate with us from the link below.

We understand, that incorrect payments are a time sensitive matter, and while we respect and operate as quickly as we can to assist the Financial Institutions to resolve investigations, it is ultimately up to them when the payments are automatically reversed back from accounts.

Please note: For security reasons, TELAIR representatives will be unable to collect private banking or payment information from you by phone or email and will be unable to assist directly at any level. All support should be requested from your Financial Institution directly.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation.