Quick install TELAIR Connect on desktop (PC/MAC)

Relates to:– Triton series PBX’s– Business or Enterprise subscription plans This guide will take you through installing TELAIR connect for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. Requirements: To quick install, the Microsoft Edge browser is required. Let’s begin: Open your browser (chrome/edge) Navigate to the TELAIR homepage From the upper right corner of […]

Phantom or Ghost Calls

Phone keeps ringing and am unable to answer Phantom or Ghost calls are a common occurrence that many phone users have experienced, typically when IP Phones were self or manually provisioned, rather then linked to a configuration server provided by the service provider, like TELAIR. The calls can occur at […]

How to configure your mobile devices

This article will help you setup your mobile app / softphone using a QR code for use with your TELAIR service. Step 1: To get started, you will need the app download links and access to the included QR code. Open the TELAIR welcome notification and click the app link […]

Configure Router to Bridge Mode

Many ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) provide modems with built in router and wireless capabilities, however not all of these devices are compatible with VoIP devices. In order to continue to use newer provided modems / hardware from your ISP with your IP Phone devices, some additional configuration is required to […]

Router Compatibility Guide

Introduction The following is a list of known routers and modems which we have determined to be compatible, incompatible or compatible with changes to the configuration of the device. We have also provided a list of devices which we are aware of but have not yet tested ourselves. We highly […]

Paid wrong payee by accident

When paying your bill online from your Bank / Institutions website, it is possible to make a mistake and send payment to the wrong company, in this particular case, to TELAIR. If you have made a payment to TELAIR by accident, please contact your Financial Institution to open a Bill […]


Canada’s leading provider of IP phone lines & systems TELAIR intelligently unifies and manages businesses’ and professionals’ communications system. With our easy-to-use online control center, it provides businesses with a single portal that connects communications such as phone, fax and email. We are the first in Canada to develop a […]