Getting started

You can sign up / request a quote online to start the process or call us to speak to one of our specialist about getting started. 

A 2 week free trial is included automatially with your service and you may cancel within that period without any penalty. When subscribing to services on monthly plans without a commitment or rental equipment, you may cancel anytime with 30 days notice without penalty. Yearly plans can also be cancelled without any refunds on the yearly commitment and pre-payment. Cancellation is subject to a 30 day notice. 

No matter where you go, you can take your phones with you and keep making and receiving calls to your existing phone numbers. Just remember: e911 is only provided within Canada and the United States. You MUST update your new location in order for e911 to function properly. To update your address for a phone number, please log into your console or contact support. 

Yes, please contact us to speak to a specialist regarding your organization and requirements. 

Professional installation is optional as it is very easy to setup, as it is not much different than plugging in a regular phone. 

Phone numbers

Yes, you can keep your existing telephone number and use it with Telair. A LNP (local number port) authorization is required when transferring your existing number over to our service. The LNP must be signed by the party whose name is on their existing service. Additionally and for security reasons, you must provide the most recent copy of your existing carrier's phone bill listing the numbers you wish to transfer. This helps prevent others from porting your numbers. 

Please do not cancel your existing service with your current local and/or long distance carrier until you receive notice from Telair confirming that the transfer is complete. Once the transfer is complete, please call your original local and/or long distance carrier to ensure that your account has been properly canceled. Please note canceling these services prior to completion of the transfer will result in a disruption of the transfer or a rejection of number port. 

Absolutely, you may remove and add as many numbers as required based on the amount of licenses subscribed to. 

Yes. When selecting new numbers, you may search based on area code, city or region. 

Yes. When selecting new numbers, you may search based on area code, city or region. 

Enhanced e911

Telair provides enhanced e911 service for $1/month. You must activate this feature per phone number in order to have e911 activated. While enhanced e911 is the most advanced form of emergency dialing service available, there are some limitations when it is provided by a VoIP provider such as Telair. Therefore, you should always have an alternative means of accessing emergency service.  

The greatest difference between e911 service and traditional 911 service is Telair's reliance upon a functioning internet connection and power source to the device and network. Electrical power outages and disruptions to your high-speed service connection will disrupt your Telair service, and you will be unable to complete 911 calls. Calls to 911 service route to the appropriate emergency dispatch based on the telephone number you have chosen and the geographic location that you have provided to Telair. E911 must be available in your area for Telair to offer you service. 

With Enhanced 911, the emergency operator receives the name, address, and origination phone number of the caller based on the 911 information you have provided within your console. In most cases your call is answered and address information is attempted to be confirmed before passing the call to the appropriate emergency service provider. This is the type of Emergency Service that is provided by traditional local phone service and also provided by Telair. Some people like to refer to it as "real 911". This just means that Telair's e911 functions like traditional 911, routing to the same emergency call centers and providing the same level of identification support. However, please remember that there are serious limitations associated with 911 service provided by Telair, and you should always maintain an alternative means of accessing emergency service. 

Telair services are portable to any location with broadband Internet access. If you travel, your device or softphone will continue to work. However, do NOT dial 911 whenever using your Telair equipment in a location other than the service address associated with your Telair account, since emergency service will not be properly dispatched. If you move or intend to use your Telair services Frequently while away from your registered e911 address on your phone number, you must update your new location in order for 911 to function properly. Remember, you should always maintain an alternative means of accessing emergency service.  

Support & maintenance 

Your service with Telair is included with our fanatical all inclusive support which allows access at anytime for any support request. It does not matter if you would like us to change a voicemail pin or build a new auto attendant, there is never any additional fees for our support. Consider us part of your team! 

Phones come with 1 year warranty for any defects or internal impairments. Warraty does not cover replacements if a phone fell off a desk and broke, or short circuited due to faulty wiring. Technical support or setup on your phones will always be included without any additional cost while that device is still activated on a Telair service. 

Phones that are included under our rental program are always support as long as the service they are activated on are active. Rental hardware come with automatic replacement service for any issues including defects or other impairments preventing use to the service. Please see our rental policy for additional details. Rental phones are typically updated when newer models are available and are provided at no additional cost to customers when certain milestones are achieved. 

Our platform should work with all devices that are SIP compatible, however please refer to our compatibility guide for more details. If your device is listed on our device provisioning list, then your device could potentially be fully managed through our console. Some phone vendors maintain custom device firmware or passwords that may prevent devices from being activated elsewhere, and you should check our knowledge base for more details. We unfortunately cannot provide hands on or technical support with devices that are not on our lists or that may have custom firmwares or password protections.  

Enterprise packages typically includes additional on-premise equipment as a rental and are supported while the service is active. From time to time equipment may be replaced or updated with no additional cost to the customer. 

Referrals & rewards

Yes, Telair has a unique referral & rewards program that every customer will be able to access from their console. When referring a customer, we award points to your "Rewards" section of the console that can be redeemed for cash, credit or other special offers.

Much like other credit or reward cards that earn points towards various benefits, Telairs rewards work in a similar way. Points are awarded based on various system and service interactions including regular use and length of service. In addition to earning points, there are achievment levels that unlock additional prestige ratings including priority support access and additional service enhancements offered. Please see our "Rewards" section in the knowledge base for more details. 

At this time, points can be used towards commission style payment, subscription credits, hardware purchases and other upgrades. We plan to expand our rewards redemption section to include many more options. In addition to earning points, there are achievement levels that unlock additional prestige ratings including priority support access and additional service enhancements offered. Please see our "Rewards" section in the knowledge base for more details. 


No, you will not receive a paper invoice. You will receive invoices to the billing email address provided. 

You will first be charged on the date that your Telair equipment is shipped. You will then be charged monthly on the first of every month. 

Telair accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

You can change your credit card information through your account portal. Your Credit Card information will be located in Your Billing section. 

You can update your billing address in the Profile section in your account console. 

Yes, porting numbers can be done in the phone number section in your console, or directly with your an account specialist. Typicaly when signing up, the porting information is provided to your onboarding expert. 

If you choose to cancel your Telair Service, please a Telair Customer Representative at 1-866-551-1517. A Telair Customer Service representative will close out your account and provide you with instructions on returning your Telair equipment (if required). Please note that we cannot accept cancellation notices via email. 

The first month services is billed fully upon signup and is prorated on your next months bill. Trial periods are also credited on the second months invoice when continuing service. 100% refunds are processed upon canceling services before the trial period ends.