Setting Up Extensions

An Extension is usually a 3 digit number that refers to a specific user within a company. When creating extension schemes it is important plan your extension assignment for both immediate use and growth.

Step-by-step guide

Creating new Extensions from the MyPBX Web Admin Portal.

  1. Log in to your web portal admin page.
  2. From the left navigation pane, click Extensions and Contacts to expand the list and then click User Extensions.
  3. From the actions bar at the top right of the page, click Create SIP Extension button with the green plus sign.
  4. Enter the First Name of the user.
  5. Enter the Last Name of the user.
  6. Enter the desired extension number in the Extension field.
  7. Enter user email address in the Email Address field. Note: This is used for voicemail to email features as well as adding directory listing.
  8. If you are assigning this extension to a specific phone device, please select the make/model from the Phone Model selection list.
  9. Enter the 12 digit MAC Address of the specific phone device in the MAC Address field to ensure you are linking the phone to the correct extension.
  10. At this point you may press Save from the bottom of the window.
    1. Alternatively you may customize the user further throughout the tabs along the top of the new extension window.

Linking your phone device to the TFTP server

When actually linking your device to the extension you created, follow the links below to point the phone device to the server with all of your extension configuration.

Phone Make / ModelInstructions
Cisco / Linksys SPAXX SeriesCisco / Linksys SPAXXX IP Phone Provisioning Guide
Polycom SoundPoint SeriesPolycom SoundPoint IP Phone Provisioning Guide

Please make sure that you are inputting the correct TFTP address based on your welcome email to ensure your phone device is connecting to the correct server that contains your system.