User Guide

Every user who receives an extension within the MyPBX system will receive a personal / customized we portal in which the user has control over many elements of their own call handling. Some of the features that are available from the use portal are:

Personal Contact DirectoryEach user can specify personal contacts that are saved within the portal. Once saved users can use the Click to Call feature by pressing the phone icon next to any contact which will ring the users extension first, then the number of the contact automatically.
Company Contact DirectoryWhen the admins create every extension for the users within an organization, the names and extension details are automatically added to a Company Contact Directory which access and Click to Call feature for everyone within the business. Easy to find information can be added like department and contact details.
Caller LookupIs a feature exclusively used with CRM users. If that administrator allows CRM access, while this page is open, any incoming call with open a link to your salesforce contact that matches the number of the incoming caller.
Call HistoryEasily keep track and view history of all incoming / outgoing / missed calls from your portal. If you have call recording enabled you can play that call directly from the list.
VoicemailDesignate voice mail to email delivery, update pin, and email addressed all from your own voicemail configuration page. Forward voicemails intended for other users straight to their email using the online voicemail inbox view.
Call ForwardingAbility to call forward your calls using straight forward rules, or advanced find me / follow me rules.
Call ScreeningScreen calls by enabling this feature to have UNKNOWN callers prompt to record their name before being connected to you directly.
Call BlockingAdd numbers to a blocked call list and direct these callers in unique ways that fits your profile.