Record Voicemail Greeting

When initializing your voicemail box or changing the recording at a later date, the instructions below will guide you through the recording process.

Step-by-step guide

o record your Unavailable greeting:

  1. Dial *97 From your extension or phone.
  2. Enter your password.
    1. Note Default passwords are typically the ‘same # as your extension‘ OR ‘1111‘ and is very important to update your password when initializing your voicemail.
  3. Press 0 for admin options
  4. Press 1 to record your unavailable greeting.

Remember to listen to the instructions after recording your greeting to listen, save, update, modify or re-record you greeting.

There are 3 different type of greetings:
Unavailable: The general recording that will be played to your caller when you do not answer or miss a call.
Busy: Recording to be played if you are currently are on the phone and unable to answer. Useful to inform your callers you are in office but on another call.
Temporary: Recording to be played when temporary greetings has been activated. Useful for vacation messages.