Polycom SIP URI Disabled Message


When you try to dial out a message on the screen reports “SIP URI Disabled”. Incoming calls do not ring to the Polycom IP phone and calls go directly to voicemail.


The “SIP URI Disabled” message typically means there is a problem with the connection between the phone and our servers or a new firmware update is required.

Connection issue:

Before going any further please verify if your internet works.

  1. Goto the browser on your computer and verify if the internet works.
  2. If there is a problem with the internet connection and browsing is also unavailable, please contact your internet service provided (ISP) to report and troubleshoot your internet.

Once the internet connectio re-establishes, the phones should automatically re-register to our systems and the message should resolve.

Firmware issue:

If internet works correctly from your browser and is verified, your firmware may be required to be updated.

  1. Contact support@telair.net and report the “SIP URI Disabled” message.
  2. A support member will push the latest firmware release to update your phones software
  3. A resolution ticket will be emailed upon completion and when the phone is successfully re-connected to our servers.