How to record a new auto attendant or holiday greeting (Telair Assisted)

There are 2 methods to record greetings for your auto attendant.

  • Telair Assisted (this guide)
  • Unassisted

Step-by-step guide

Follow instructions below to update your call recordings.

  1. Please record your greeting on the Telair Assisted recording number (TARN): 647-547-1244
    1. We will receive an automatic copy of this message.
  2. Email with request to update / add / modify your auto attendant or holiday greeting.
    1. Please include your;
      1. phone numbers
      2. date and time you wish the recording to be active
      3. any other additional configuration you wish to have with your recording
      4. confirmation in ticket that you have already recorded your greeting on the TARN.
  3. You will receive a confirmation and resolution ticket notifications once your new recording has been set up.
For scheduled or holiday recordings, you may receive a confirmation notice before the message goes live. Please note that scheduled recordings will only play during the desired schedule you outlined in the support request ticket.