How to factory reset a Mitel 5224 IP Phone

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Factory Reset

  1. Press both the up and down arrow keys simultaneously while powering up the phone.
  2. Network Settings? Appears
  3. Press No until Tools & Features appears then press Y
  4. Press No until Restore Defaults? Appears and press Y
  5. Press Confirm. (the phone will reset with default settings, if it doesn’t do on own you can unplug then plug in)
  6. Hold down blue key while booting up

Step 2: Change Mode to SIP

  1. Configure phone (*Yes)
  2. Cycle through options saying “#=No” until… Phone Mode (*=Yes)
  3. Protocol (*=Yes)
  4. Phone Mode: Minet (*= Change)
  5. Phone Mode: Minet (0=SIP)
  6. Store Changes? (*=Yes)
  7. Reboot Now? (*=Yes)

When the phone reboots, you may provide Telair with the IP address of the phone if we our support team is manually provisioning this phone for you.
To obtain the IP address, press the bottom right speed dial key to display the current address.