Forbidden message categories for toll-free SMS and MMS in Canada and US

The following messaging use cases are not allowed on toll-free SMS or MMS in Canada and US. 

If a user tries to assign an outbound message with this category, the message will automatically be rejected by Telair. If a user tries to specify a different category to send a message that falls within any of the following forbidden categories, Telair will employ smart AI to detect and automatically suspend accounts that are breaking the rules. 

High-risk financial servicesPayday loans, Short term high-interest loans, Third-party auto loans, Third-party mortgage loans, Student loans“Third-party” means originating from any party other than the one which will service the loan.
Debt collection or forgivenessThird-party debt collection, Debt consolidation, Debt reduction, Credit repair programs“Third-party” means originating from any party other than the one who is owed the debt. For example, a hospital could send messages regarding bills for its own patients, assuming they provided opt-in to receive that messaging.
“Get rich quick” schemesWork-from-home programs, Risk investment opportunities, Pyramid schemesThis is different from outreach about employment as a result of compliant opt-in practices, messages from brokerages to their members, investment news alerts, or other investment-related messages.
Illegal substancesCannabis, CBD, Prescription drugsCannabis is illegal in Canada and US. Cannabis businesses will not be permitted to use SMS/MMS messaging in Canada or US, regardless of message content.
GamblingCasino apps, Gambling websites 
“S.H.A.F.T.” use casesSex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco