Cisco Linksys SPAXXX IP Phone Date / Time Issues


Date and time are consistently incorrect on the IP phone.


If the NTP Server is configured, and the problem persists:The problem is related to a TFTP scripting inconsistancy. The phone script does not have correct daylight savings time or timezone information passed to the phone.

  1. Update the phone’s config file to include the script below in the TFTP:
  2. Reboot

<Set_Local_Date__mm_dd_ ua=”na”></Set_Local_Date__mm_dd_>
<Set_Local_Time__HH_mm_ ua=”na”></Set_Local_Time__HH_mm_>
<Time_Zone ua=”na”>GMT-05:00</Time_Zone>
<Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule> start=3/-14/7/2:0:0;end=11/1/7/2:0:0;save=1 </Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule>