Can Telair numbers receive SMS from a short code?

By default, Telair long code numbers cannot receive messages from short code numbers.

Upon request, Telair can enable your account(s) to receive incoming messages from short codes. This will allow long code phone numbers on your account to receive messages from short codes.

Before you request for your account to be enabled to receive incoming short code SMS, please note the following important limitations:

  • The setting is applied to your Telair Account SID, and will affect all of the long code (local, national or mobile) SMS-capable numbers that belong to the Account SID you have requested.
  • Toll-free numbers cannot receive SMS from short codes, and, therefore, will not be affected by this setting.
  • By design, a short code number can only send messages to long code numbers from the same country as that of the short code number. In order to receive messages, you must use a Telair number from the same country as the short code. For example, if you are trying to receive messages from a Canada short code, you will need to use a Canadain Telair number.
  • Telair cannot guarantee that every short code globally will be able to reach Telair numbers, even if the Telair number is from the same country as the short code. There may be  cases where an external short code carrier does not have reach to Telair, or some other technical issue prevents those messages from reaching our platform.
  • You will NOT be able to send outbound messages to these short codes. Therefore, you will not be able to reply, opt out via “STOP,” or send “HELP” messages. Before enabling this setting, our Support team will send you a disclaimer from our Legal team and ask you to confirm that you understand and accept this particular limitation.