Can I send or receive SMS with a Telair toll-free phone number?

Yes. Telair toll-free numbers support two-way SMS (sending and receiving text messages) within Canada and US, and one-way SMS to other countries.

Please ensure your Telair phone number or messaging service is configured to receive incoming messages. 

Please note that standard messaging rates apply when sending SMS to, and receiving SMS from, a toll-free number. Toll-free SMS in Canada and the US offers certain advantages, but is also subject to rules and limitations. 

How do toll-free numbers work in other countries?

Toll-free numbers from countries outside Canada and US don’t support the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

Sending SMS to other countries with a Canadian Toll-Free number

To send one-way SMS to countries outside Canada and US using toll-free numbers, use the same process as you would to send a standard Telair Canada/US long code message. 

For two-way toll-free SMS (sending and receiving SMS to and from the same end user), ensure that you are using a Telair number with SMS capability from the same country as your recipient.