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MyPBX is a hosted PBX platform allows you to connect into a modern business telephone system without the hassles of purchasing, managing and supporting expensive onsite equipment. The technology allows businesses of all sizes get started with telephone system very quickly and inexpensively.

Throughout our guide we use terms that may be new or technical. This reference below will help you understand what certain words mean.


TermDetailed Description
VoIP“Voice Over IP” Is the name of the technology that allows telecommunications and voice to travel across IP networks and the internet.  VoIP is usually referenced in comparison to traditional telephone lines that run over copper wires owned by Telco Incumbents.
PBXStands for “Private / Public Branch Exchange”. Typically the term PBX is used for Business Telephone Systems used to install on customer premises which allowed for internal extension and line based access for employees. Typical system examples of a PBX would be Nortel and Avaya System.
DIDStands for “Direct Inward Dial” which is the technical term for a phone number. When we reference a DID, we are really saying telephone number.
TNToll Number is same and DID, except may have toll charges associated with it when calling that number. Such as a Toll Free number.
IVR“Interactive Voice Response” is also known as “Auto Attendant” which is an automated greeting system that greets your callers with a prerecorded message and allows callers to enter digits to navigate different menus & options or to reach users or extensions directly. IVR’s are commonly used in business phone systems as automated attendants.
SIP“SIP” is the name of the most commonly used VoIP protocol for voice communications. SIP typically runs on port 5060 and is referenced on mobile applications and hardware that support VoIP

How it works

Hosted PBX typically work over public internet of private VPN. Allowing any device using SIP protocol access the phone system as long has they have the credentials required to associate a specific device with a unique extension.