Remove (uninstall) TELAIR Connect

Relates to:– Triton series PBX’s– Windows 10 and newer Removing TELAIR Connect from your Windows device Press Start Find Settings from the left side, or type to search Click Apps Find TELAIR Connect and click on it Press Uninstall Related articles: Install TELAIR Connect (Windows)

Install TELAIR Connect

Relates to: – Triton series PBX’s – Windows 10 and newer – Business or Enterprise subscription plans Getting started on your Windows computer Press Start Search or find Microsoft Store Search apps: TELAIR Connect Click Get ℹ IMPORTANT: Once you log into your account for the first time, allowing permission […]

Polycom handset falls off hook state

When your Polycom phone handset is always falling off the base hook state, you can easily switch the tab on the phone to make the handset fixed. Following the clip below allows for an easy switch to your preference. TELAIR recommends tab always in ‘up’ mode making handset extra sturdy.

How to: Send a fax by email

System: Titan series PBX’s Sending a fax by email To send a fax by email once your user extension has been authorized to send:Note: See below for fax permissions ℹ For security reasons, we do not send any notifications to unauthorized email senders or phone numbers. Authorized senders for a […]

Fax Error Codes

References: Fax Limitations Common fax error codes The table below outlines error messages, likely causes and potential workarounds to troubleshoot common fax errors. Error Description Likely Cause Workaround Connection failed There was no receiver on the other end of the call to connect to. The destination is not configured to […]

Data Retention

Please read our Privacy Policy first, as this article outlines data retention per plan. Storage retention refers to the maximum amount of time records or files are stored physically on the host within a given region specifically for: Call Logs Call Recordings Voicemails SMS / MMS messages Basic Professional Business […]

Phone number types and their capabilities

TELAIR offers a range of phone number types that differ in their costs and capabilities. The details of each of the options are listed below: Local numbers Local numbers are telephone numbers which are assigned to a specific geographic region. These numbers are typically used by individuals and local businesses. […]

API Rate Limits

This article gives you all the information you need to know about TELAIR API Rate Limits. What is a Rate Limit? A “rate limit” is a policy that affects the frequency with which an API can be called. They are put in place to protect server infrastructure from being abused […]

Limitations of Fax over IP (FoIP)

Faxing has known limitations when implemented as a Fax over IP service. These limitations are technology-based and industry-wide. Several VoIP companies, including TELAIR, use the T.38 standard for sending faxes over the Internet. Although the standard promises better reliability, that standard is still open to interpretation by various providers and […]

Factory Reset: Polycom SoundPoint Series

How to configure your Polycom SoundPoint Series IP Phone for use on the TELAIR network Skip to step 3 if your phone has not been provisioned before. Step 1: Select Menu Advanced enter password: 456 Admin Settings Reset to Defaults Reset Device Settings Step 2: Do the following once the above […]